About Shah Alam

Shah Alam was born on 5 May 1973. His residence is in Sultanshi village of Habiganj district. From a young age, he had a different talent for painting and singing. He passed SSC from Shahparan High School in 1993 and HSC from SYlhet Government College in 1995. The journey begins with the teaching of fine arts. As there is no art college in Sylhet division, he got admission in zela shilpokola academy,sylhet in art section . Then he got Arvindo Dasgupta and Paritush Hajra as teachers and required 1st position in the annual art exhibition.
It is worth mentioning that the journey of the Department of Fine Arts of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy started in 1988 from Sylhet district. There is now an education for adults and a district children's academy for children which is a little different from other district arts. Seeing the work of Shah Alam, the painter Arvindo Das Gupta understood that there would be a great artist in Shah Alam. Shah Alam was appointed as an instructor in the District Shilpakala Academy in 2000.
As a student of art, Shah Alam started working with various organizations. Various creative works including stage design, interior, cover, studio design of TV channels, illustrations in magazines. When he became an instructor and joined art, the lace of his work increased. He started working with many young people in Sylhet at once. At that time Shah Alam was a different name for any work in Sylhet city, there would be no creative work without Shah Alam. 
Shah Alam died on May 29, 2006 at the age of 33 from a heart attack. He did not have a single exhibition before Shah Alam's death. But the thought of a solo exhibition was on Shah Alam's mind. That exhibition was organized by Shah Alam Gallery of Fine Arts in 2009. This gallery is dedicated to Shah Alam.